Why Us?

Compliance Engineering is a full service Engineering Company located in the Greater Toronto Area which has been serving clients throughout Ontario since 2000. Our focus on efficient, effective business and engineering solutions provides our clients with professional services of the highest quality and value we have extensive experience in a wide variety of industries. The principals of Compliance Engineering share over 50 years of mechanical engineering and industry knowledge while our network of associate engineers represents at least another 200 years of experience in the fields of chemical, electrical and structural engineering.

Compliance Engineering client proposals provide full details of the project scope, the applicable legislation requirements and a detailed scope of work to implement and successfully complete each project. Compliance Engineering employs a C2C (Concept to Completion) approach to integrate compliance measures starting at the conceptual design level to ensure the finished project is fully compliant and has the proper documentation to establish due diligence.Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews are one of Compliance Engineering’s core services and we are fully conversant with all 8 circumstances which trigger a PHSR.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that compliance measures identified for correction to systems are workable and achievable. Compliance Engineering has the required resources to design, fabricate and install corrective measures as required. The Compliance Engineering team and associates have always worked at arm’s length from the Ministry of Labour, thereby ensuring the impartiality and professional integrity of our services. Accordingly, the reputation and quality of our work has established an excellent professional relationship with the MOL.

Reports produced by Compliance Engineering have been lauded by MOL inspectors as being “best in class” for their outstanding detail and applicability. They are carefully crafted to ensure clarity and conciseness and to be understood by all personnel within each organization. Machinery and/or Processes which fall outside of a specific safety standard or regulation must undergo a “Risk Assessment” in order to determine the required level of safeguarding and protective elements. The Compliance Engineering team is highly proficient in RA facilitation and recommends that all stakeholders participate in order to achieve awareness, understanding and buy-in regarding the protective element requirements.

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